Frequently Asked

Most will take place twice a month on a weeknight as I try to avoid the crowds that weekends bring to pretty places, especially in the fall and spring! Each month will be different dates!

Slots are booked on a first come - first deposit basis. Once dates are released, the first 8 people to email will be sent a link with deposit information, clients have 1 hour to confirm their session through a $50 deposit and then you are booked! The final payment is due the morning of your session. 

The Sessions will be released on the first of each month and dates are on a first come first serve basis. If you have a specific date or shoot in mind, you can book a full session anytime, but The Sessions cannot be reserved in advance. 

Anyone that has a memory they want captured! Opportunities are endless and you get to decide what you want captured, there are no limits to what you can have photographed during your 15 minutes! I actually can’t wait to see what people come up with! Pregnancy announcements, engagements, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day! It will be great! 

A variety of locations! Each month our date drop will include a photo of where that month’s sessions will be taking place so that you can see the backdrop. 

You can subscribe for email drop here: 

The Session Subscription List

The cost is $150 for the 15 minute session time and 30 high res photos delivered via online protected gallery. From there, photos can be downloaded and printed at your leisure, made into Christmas cards, or get an album printed from a third party! These are your memories and I highly recommend printing! 

In the season you feel called to capture! Since The Sessions will be happening every month, you can decide what season works best for your family. Life doesn’t just happen in the fall! If your little one is celebrating a birthday in the summer, do it then! An anniversary in February, sounds good! 

Each Session is 15 minutes of magic! 

Since the format of The Sessions is much tighter than most traditional photo sessions, it is imperative that clients are arriving to the location at least 10 minutes early. I encourage all my clients to leave a bit early to get yourselves and the kiddos situated in clothing, and do a little touch ups before the sessions start! 

Yes! We love big family shots! If you are going to have more than 10 people, 2 slots must be purchased to allow for adequate time for large group shots.