Mountain Shadows Surprise Proposal

June 24, 2020

A highlight of our month was this proposal shoot right here! With all the crazy going on in the world, this was like a breathe of fresh air getting to capture this incredible moment between Carla and Sami! To get to focus on life and love and an awesome surprise, man it was just the perfect shoot to get us out of a downer month where our team hadn’t seen each other in months!

So I’ll be honest, hiding behind a bush, waiting for Sami and Carla to come around the corner… I wasn’t even the one proposing, but I had butterflies waiting for them! There is so much buildup and you just have to be on your toes waiting for it all to go down! Its not like you can meet them ahead of time to plan things out and tell them where to be, so its just go time from the moment they show up! I love the adrenaline rush of it!

I had a feeling that once Carla saw the setup, complete with rose petals, and live guitarist and bubbly waiting in front of the perfect backdrop at Mountain Shadows that she would start to clue in to what was going on, so I really wanted to get her first reaction walking up! I’m pretty sure this is the moment after turning the corner that she pieced together what was going on! So special!

Once Sami got down on one knee we shot like crazy from multiple angles to capture this sweet moment! She of course said YES!! And then they got to celebrate with a kiss and a toast with Camelback mountain in the backdrop! It was perfect!! Sami you did such a great job making sure each detail was perfect for her! Amazing! We took some time after the big moment to capture some ” just engaged” photos

“For the proposal my goal was to surprise her on her birthday and ask her to marry me. and I did this by working with Mountain Shadows coordinator Missy Holmes. She made it really easy to set up!” Sami

“I first knew he was proposing when we were walking down the lawn at Mountain Shadows, and heard the guitar playing my favorite love song (“All of Me” by John Legend) while stepping up to a platform led by rose petals, and a bottle of champagne in the table.” – Carla

“ My favorite thing about Carla is…. Her honesty, strive to make me happy, never ending love, being positive, making the impossible possible, her smile when I kiss her in the morning while she’s asleep.” Sami

“I think what makes our relationship work so well is…. we complement each other and we strive to make things work (mostly she does) Anything else about the proposal you want to tell us? I’m the luckiest man to have her in my life!” Sami

“I love his authenticity, the desire to do always want to do the right thing, his beautiful blue eyes and sand colored hair. He’s very smart and kind, and funny. I love that he kisses me every morning! But the most important reason of all—I love that he loves God more than me.” – Carla

“We met through a mutual friend/co-worker. She thought Sami and I, each had qualities that would resonate with one another and was eager to find a way for us to meet. After much persistence (lol!), I said yes to a night out with she and Sami and…the butterflies began, the desire to know more about him, and I couldn’t stop thinking of the guy. I knew it was all over for me!” – Carla

“ Our very first kiss together was when Sami and I had our first date to a very romantic dinner and some dancing at the end of the night!”- Carla

It was so fun to be there capturing this amazing moment in their life! I was jittery with excitement before it started and I wasn’t the one that proposed!! We are so happy for you guys and thankful for the incredible staff at Mountain Shadows for helping Sami pull off this surprise! We wish you guys all the best in wedding planning! – Jenn

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