Papago Palm Tree Engagement Session

November 14, 2018

Dusty and I met at Postino’s in Scottsdale with Cara and immediately hit it off! Cara is a bride that has a clear vision for her once in a lifetime day and is super organized; aka our favorite kind of bride! So when Cara said she wanted lots of Palm Trees AND cactus desert, researched and tried to find it, but it was kind of either one or the other. Believe it or not, in Arizona, there are not just a ton of cacti everywhere unless you go really far outside the city. I know AZ is known for cactus, but they aren’t just sprinkled everywhere like you might expect, especially the big tall saguaro that everyone loves. We settled on them meeting Dusty for their engagement session at Papago, where I knew they would at least get the desert look plus palm trees near by… but when I went to edit the images and FOUND THIS I was blown away! I still don’t even know where they took this and I’ve been to Papago to shoot dozens of time! Dusty you are a genius! So lo and behold, Cara got her palm trees, and her cactus… and all in one shot! Haha! Jason and Cara we are so excited for your big day! WE know you have amazing things in store and we can’t wait for more *palmtreecactusexplosion* moments with you!  Hugs! Jenn and Dusty



“Jason is my person…..And we talked about getting engaged/married before it was actually official. He knew I wanted the proposal to be intimate (no one around),  that  I really wanted the experience of trying on engagement rings and that I do NOT like surprises, or I should I say I only like “semi” surprises. One day after work (it was a Tuesday) Jason surprised me and told me we were going ring shopping that Saturday- it was More fun than I could have imagined!  The research and thought he put into finding the perfect jewelry store melted my heart! The proposal came about 7 months later and was my idea of a perfection! I had no makeup on, was in my favorite yoga pants and shirt and he asked if I wanted to play hangman (playing games at home is something we do on a regular basis) When I walked up to the chalk board I counted the characters and words and my eyes began to tear up. Happy tears started flowing …. I was overcome with happiness knowing how lucky and blessed I was…(I am )to have someone as selfless, loyal, brave, fun and over all amazing as Jason, not only in my life, but as my partner  for life.  Moments later we were officially engaged and I did the “we’re getting married” song and dance in our kitchen🤪 The fun didn’t stop there! Jason planned a casual outing with close family and friend that night at the place were he had our first date, which unbelievably thoughtful!”- Cara






“I joke with Jason that I first knew I loved him when he sat and Bindged watched Making a Murderer” with me on a Saturday, after only a week or two of dating. When we did step out for dinner we both were eager to go back to my apartment and continue watching. What sealed the deal was when he without hesitation said yes (after only 1 or 2 months of dating, ) to flying to Connecticut and meeting my whole family (aunts, uncles, cousins etc) at my dads retirement party. That’s when I knew Jason was the man I’ve been praying for.”- Car


“My favorites thing about my finance is too many to name. That’s why I made favorite plural. She is without question the most beautiful women inside and out. I love the way she can brighten up my day without saying a word. Just coming home to her everyday is the best part of my day. Even if she has a bad day she will go out of her way to make sure I smile. She is more then my finance. She is my world. ”- Jason


“The first time I said I love you was in her apartment. I knew long before that though. I flew to Connecticut for her dads retirement party and that was the first time I met her parents, and her entire family ha. Needless to say after that trip I was on board for life. I wanted to make it special the first time I said I love you so I bought flowers and took her out to her favorite steak place, even though I think she would probably would have preferred Chili’s . That’s one of the many reasons I love her. Plus who would keep me on my toes with the loudest sneeze in the world. ”- Jason



“For our second date, Jason took me to dinner at a Mexican restaurant (one of my favorite foods) and cocktails at the Perch. At the end of the date Jason walked me to my car and made the first move (I definitely dug his take charge attitude).  When I got back to my apartment Jason and I continued texting until I fell asleep. Kisses are still a big part of our relationship, we never leave for work in the morning without giving each other a kiss. ”- Cara




“One of many reasons our relationship works is that she knows me more then I know myself. She can tell what I am going to say or do before I do. We can spend hours without saying a word watching a show (making a murderer) and be totally comfortable with each other. It’s safe to say I am a very lucky guy. I love Cara Amanda, soon to be, Hardt, more then I can write. I am more than lucky when it comes to my beautiful future wife. ”- Jason


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