Peaceful Villa Siena Wedding Day

February 7, 2020

I will never forget you two! Man, Ashley and Robert, you all got something special going on! And it showed from the moment we met through the very last hug at the end of their wedding day.

From our first sip of coffee as we talked “wedding plans”, I just fell in love with the way Ashley and Robert loved each other! They were kind, and held a kind of space for each other that was both “I’m obsessed with you” and ” I respect you and trust you to be your own person”. Does that even make sense? There is a maturity and grace there tha speaks volumes to the kinds of people they are. I don’t know but they just gave off this easy vibe that makes others want to be around them. They are kind of my #couplesgoals as they complimented each other so well, the kindness, the affirmations, the ease of talking to them. They type of people you meet and then want to go a cruise with six months later! haha! They really are that cool and their wedding day was nothing short of a dream.

All of their family and friends, gathering around them on the best day of their life, both dressed to the nines and smiling from ear to ear! Getting ready for the big reveal at the wedding ceremony time I had butterflies in my stomach too! It was such an exciting moment that they were just glowing as their eyes locked for their first time on their big day.

And later as we took sunset photos together around the property, their arms wrapped in each other, there were minutes at a time where we literally didn’t interject, direct or even tell them what to do! They had their own sweet vibe going and they were so natural together! It was incredible!

They danced the night away in the ballroom as the lights bounced and the guests cheered. It was an incredible honor to be there to capture one of the best days of your life you two! Thank you so much and I wish you all the best; you truly deserve it! – Big hugs, Jenn, Shannon, and the Studio girls

Thanks so much to these INCREDIBLE vendors for putting together such a flawless day! The design and execution came together perfectly and it was so great working with you all!
Photos: Jenn Wagner Studio
Venue: Villa Siena
Floral: Blume Events
Dress Brand: Essense of Australia
Cake: Piece of Cake
Shoes: Bella Belle
DJ: Rock Around the Clock
Paper: Shutterfly
Glam Squad: Something Beautiful Hair & Makeup
Mens Clothing: The Black Tux
Rings: Helzburg

“If I could relive one hour of our wedding day, I’d have to say the hour starting from our ceremony.  Seeing Ashley for the first time walking down the aisle was such an incredible feeling.  She was absolutely stunning and I’ve never been happier in my entire life.  It was amazing!  Sharing our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. was absolutely perfect and just the pure feelings of everything being right in the world is hard to put into words.  After our ceremony, we shared a special moment with our family to sign our marriage license.  This was really our first chance to talk to each other that day and I couldn’t wait to just talk to my bride.  That was probably the hardest part about the day was not being able to see each other / talk as much as we always do.  I couldn’t wait to tell her how beautiful she looked and how amazing the day had been so far.  After signing our marriage license, we made our way outside to take photos.  I love taking photos with Ashley, she always make me look good.  Especially with Jenn and Shannon too, they help make things feel very natural and honestly we just have a lot of fun.  This also gave Ashley and me a chance to connect more before the reception which was very special.” – Robert

“We picked Villa Siena for our venue. We knew right away it was a perfect match for the vision and vibe we had for our special day. The staff was so friendly, and our coordinator Kayla was AMAZING! As soon as our consultation was over we knew this would be our venue. We chose dusty blue as our primary color with accents of sage and blush. For a winter wedding, the color pallet was soft and complementary and paired beautifully with the venue setting. Blume Events provided our flowers, and WOW! They took our inspiration photos and turned it into reality. The arrangements were tasteful, and captured the timeless romantic atmosphere we wanted. ” – Ashley

“Robert and I spent the night before and the hours leading up to our wedding apart. The whole day, all I could think about was how excited I was to see him. I had no idea it would be so hard to be apart for such a short amount of time! As my Dad and I walked into the courtyard and I saw Robert for the first time, my whole world lit up. In that moment, I felt so at home seeing my husband. It was such a perfect moment, and one I will remember for the rest of my life.” – Ashley

” Wow…where to begin.  Ashley looked so beautiful on our wedding day.  From her dress, to her hair and makeup, everything was perfect.  Absolutely perfect!  But what I loved the most was her amazing attitude on our big day.  She was so happy, calm, and her attitude was infectious.  You just wanted to be around her and be a part of the pure joy that she was living.  It was absolutely amazing and I was so proud of her and happy to be living the day with her.” – Robert

“Two moments stand out as my favorite. The first was our Pastor’s speech, he referred to Robert as “Da Man”. It is so true, Robert is such an amazing man and the love of my life. So yeah, I definitely think Robert is da man. 🙂 My second favorite moment was our nephew being the star of the dance floor. At three years old, this kid can breakdance like a little boss! All through dinner he kept everyone so entertained while he cut a rug all by himself. It was by far one of the cutest moments of the day.”- Ashley

“My advice for anyone planning their wedding would be to stay present through the process. The wedding day especially has so many moving parts and activities that it’s so easy to let it become a blur. Stay present, and stay focused on the love that brought you to this day. And give yourself a few minutes of private time to breathe and reflect on your love before you walk down the aisle. It is amazing what those few quiet moments will do, and it truly centers you.” – Ashley

“The moment that stuck out to me most was Ashley walking down the aisle.  I’ll never forget it.  She was so stunningly beautiful.  I actually was expecting to get a little emotional during the ceremony as we experienced this incredibly special moment for us.  I did tear up a little bit but I think I was in such awe of how beautiful Ashley looked that I didn’t want to miss a second of her walking towards me.  She’s amazing and I’m so lucky to call her my wife.”- Robert

“My two brothers stood with me for our wedding.  It was very important to Ashley and I that we have our families play a role in our wedding.  I’ve always been close with my brothers and want to make sure we stay close regardless of where we live, what keeps us busy in life, etc.  My oldest brother James and his wife Kristy (one of Ashley’s bridesmaids) are amazing parents to two little boys, Dylan (our ring bearer) and Charlie.  We love spending time with them and their boys are so fun and sweet.  I’d say their kind of role models for us being the first in our families to have kids of their own.  We’re excited to hopefully share that with them someday.  My other brother Dave was my best man.  He’s only two years older than me so we’ve always been close.  His speech actually said it best in how I’ve “followed” him from little kids starting at the hockey rink, to going to college at the same school (Western Michigan University), to moving out to Arizona from Michigan.  We’ve always just naturally stayed close to each other and I’m really fortunate for that.” – Robert

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