When the whole world goes topsy turvy, you smile and throw an unforgettable gorgeous wedding in the backyard.

April 16, 2020

I can’t you guys. This day, these people, this family. Makes my heart soar. Bre and Liam were faced with crazy circumstances as their wedding day approached; it felt like every 48 hours things were changing. Restrictions put on gathering numbers, business and resorts starting to close. It was a constant state of shift, and these two handled it with such grace! I have never been more impressed with how a couple rebounded from hard news and (pretty day altering) change surrounding their wedding. They were supposed to get married early last month, at a resort, with hundreds of family and friends.

Looking back now, I honestly don’t think I would ever change a thing for these two. The small intimate wedding, with those closest to this bride and groom, in Liam’s parents beautiful home. It was intimate, it was colorful and full of flowers, light and laughter. Their bridal party was THERE for it and brought the party, creating such a fun and energetic vibe the entire day! And their families! You guys if ever you were to be able to pick your in-laws, I mean these two hit the jackpot! Their parents showed up in huge ways, doing everything to make this day incredible (including dropping everything to get their home wedding-ready!) and supporting Bre and Liam through to make this day possible! I mean really is there nothing they wouldn’t do to see these two kids happily married? The answer is— nope! They did it all!

You could feel the tangible love throughout the day. They embraced the change and when we all gathered to celebrate their incredible wedding day in Liam’s families backyard, it was all smiles and sunshine. Literally. The sun was shining, these two were glowing in love and their family and friends had the time of their life! They danced the night away and if you make it all the way to end you will see how the crazy party ended! Incredible!

Bre and Liam. From the bottom of my heart I am so thankful to have been there to capture your once in a lifetime wedding day. You guys are incredible examples of what it means to focus on the important things in life; family, friends and of course the love of your life. Everything else is just fluff, and in a time of so much uncertainty, you guys set an example of what it means to prioritize the right things! So so happy for you guys and know you are in for a life full of happiness!

All our best, Jenn, Kayla and the studio Girls

Thank you SO SO MUCH to this incredible vendor team; it was no joke a group effort and we couldn’t have pulled it off without this incredible team!

Coordinator: @inaweweddings

Florals: @flowerstudio 

Entertainment: @mancinientertainment

Paper: @minted

Linens: @latavolalinen

Groomswear: @celebtuxntails

Hai:r @vayasalon

Rings: @coffinandtrout

Dress Brand: @essenceofaustralia 

Dress Shop: @uptownbridal 

Makeup: @stylemekristi

Picked from a tree in the backyard! : )

first look with her dad! SO sweet!

“My favorite time of the day was the first look with Liam. I felt like the whole day was leading up to that moment and I am so glad it was captured and recorded so we can look back on it for years to come.” Bre


“I would love to go back and experience the first look again. We never planned on a first look and switched to it very late in the process due to the traditional ideas we had in our heads. That time will always be the part I look back at the most and remember as the moment the day became real and I was able to focus on everything that was coming. Bre is my best friend and going through the first half of the most important day of your life without that person is unsettling no matter how happy the occasion and the time I got see her looking so beautiful in her dress, to share our vows, and most importantly just be together was so special and I don’t think we could have ever had enough time in that moment.”- Liam

“My bridal party was made up of the guys that I can always count on and I would not be who I am without. Scott was my roommate in college and introduced Bre to me and has been an invaluable friend to us both since then. Neither of us could be here without him (mostly because we just literally wouldn’t know each other and it hard to marry someone you don’t know). Mark was our other roommate and is a classic idea of a friend someone I have had serious talks with, been able to confide in, yelled at for having stupid ideas from time to time and above all he is someone who is so consistent and reliable. No matter what he is himself and a great friend no matter what. Nathan is the second newest member to the family and my brand new brother-in-law. He and I have been able to grow close quickly and it means more to me than I can express to have someone make my sister as happy as he does. I know Ntahan will be incredibly important in my life heading forwards and I think the bridal party is all about having the people to support you who mean the most to you and can continue that heading forward. Last but not least Palmer is my brother and yes he is the dumbest, stupidest, worst older brother in the world but he’s MY dumb stupid older bother and I guess that means something. We helped shape each other and he helped me reach the point where I am both by supporting me and challenging me in new ways demanding that I learn to adapt and do what is necessary for the people I care about.”- Liam

“The entire ceremony was incredible and working with my dad to make the ceremony exactly as we wanted was another blessing. The things I will remember are what we never could have planned for. Little things like how our ring bearer and sign holder strutted down the aisle, how the wine bottle didn’t fit in the box completely so we had to jam it in together, and not knowing how to react to people as they joined me in the front (Thank you social distancing..). I think the number one thing I’ll remember is standing there with her hand in hand and neither one of us really knowing how we should hold hands. It really was a singular moment where despite the people it felt like just Bre and me. She was uncomfortable with her arms so straight the whole time and I felt like I couldn’t find the right angle, but no matter what we didn’t know we knew we wanted to stand there together, we wanted to hold hands together, and how matter how it happened we knew we were so happy and so ready to be married.”- Liam

“The thing I love most about Bre is her passion. I don’t often get visibly excited for things or express how much something means, but Bre’s smile, her laugh, and her overall passion are so incredible to me she feels so deeply and loves so much its impossible for me not to be obsessed with her and want to be the person that she loves so much and I love to be the reason she smiles and laughs.”- Liam

“We originally chose the royal palms because that’s where we got engaged. That venue has meant a lot to us so we were so excited to get married there, however the circumstances of the world forced the last minute venue change. We were blessed to have Liam’s parents have the mostly beautiful backyard so the wedding that we thought was cancelled turned into an opportunity to celebrate our wedding where we were both able to grow up instead. It was more beautiful than we could have imagined or asked for. The inspiration for our colors came from the ideas of springtime and joyfulness so we chose corals, yellows oranges and some bright pinks. So the flowers we chose we wanted to match the theme with the peonies and garden roses, etc.” – Bre

“To any couple getting married, I would say roll with the punches. The day probably won’t go perfectly as planned but in a way it will be perfectly imperfect. So many of the parts we loved about our day we didn’t plan, but every part planned or not combined to create the day we always imagined.” – Bre

“I will definitively remember the pandemic forcing a venue change. What made it better was being able to do the wedding at my new parent-in-laws house because we are so familiar with the house and now we have those wonderful memories to look back on every time we visit. ” – Bre

Yes! Why not end the party in the pool!

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