Desert Dream Wedding with 1001 Cranes at Andaz Resort

November 27, 2019

Easily one of my all time favorite wedding moments in 9 years of shooting.

I will never forget these (abridged) words Phil was saying during his vows to Callie while tears were rolling. He prefaced before diving in, that instead of saying all the reasons he loved her, (which she already knew) he instead was going to give her the promises he knew deep down she wanted to hear. These were not your typical vows; instead, they were things like ” I promise to not scoff when I come home to tons of Nordstrom packages delivered, and to help you with your returns because I know you will help me with mine.” And “I promise to keep taking selfies until we get just the right angle.”

Like what? These lines were true to who they are and spoke total acceptance of the other in such a sweet way.

It was when Phil got to this line below though, that the tears started flowing and I couldn’t help but tear up too, it was so simple, and sweet and yet sacrificial at the same time. I will forever love watching Phil deliver this line to his bride:

“Callie, I promise that….. when we order food and you don’t get fries because you say you don’t want any, that….. I’ll still let you have some of mine.”

And as the tears appeared, Callie took out her Kleenex and wiped his tears gently as they streak down his cheek.

Sometimes it’s the little things. The true KNOWING of someone else, that just bears your soul raw. And sharing it in front of the world brings beautiful vulnerability to the surface.

And in this case, these two human beings KNOW each other. In a way that is so comforting you can’t help but feel more yourself when you are around them. It’s like they are so confident in themselves, and in each other, that it rubs off on you too.

Callie and Phil, you are going to live a beautiful life together I can just tell. Thank you for opening my eyes again to the wonderful depth of letting yourself be fully and openly known, and through a line about french fries. : ) I’m going to pursue that more in my own marriage and I have your truth-spoken vows to thank for it. I wish you both the absolute best as you navigate this life hand in hand. – All my best, Jenn Wagner and the girls

Thanks so much to these INCREDIBLE vendors for putting together such a flawless day at Andaz! The design and execution came together perfectly and it was so great working with you all!
Coordinator: Kayla at Some Like it Classic
Photos: Jenn Wagner Studio
Venue: The Andaz Resort
Floral: Lux Florist
Beer Burro: Haul n Ass Productions
Dress Brand: Allure Bridals
Dress Store: Celebrations Bridal
Cake: The Andaz Resort
Shoes: Michael Kors
Band: VOX Djs
Paper: Alexa Nelson Prints
Linens: La Tavola Linen
Glam Squad: HVH
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
Mens Clothing: Menswarehouse 

Getting that perfect selfie, mid ceremony! yes!

Callie and Phil decided to create their own display of 1001 handmade cranes, a Japanese American tradition. This display that they created themselves symbolizes fidelity, because cranes choose a mate for life, and longevity because they are said to live a thousand years. The energy and time it takes to make one thousand hand-folded origami cranes symbolizes the patience necessary to sustain a happy marriage, and we think they have just what it takes. : )

Congrats Callie and Phil! So happy for you both!

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