Holiday Engagement Session

December 6, 2019

We had the place to ourselves as we strolled the Scottsdale Civic Center one perfect December evening last week. The light streaming through Britney’s hair as she held hands with her fiance Zach as they talked about their first kiss, laughing and then trying to recreate it, reminded me of some Hallmark movie you’d watch this time of year!

It was so fun to get to know this couple as we talked and chatted about who made the first move and of course see the darling ” date” card that Zach gave to Britney when they first started dating, and then of course the matching “marriage card” he hand made for when he proposed! She carries them around everywhere she goes! How cute are they!?

I am so excited for you two and cannot wait for your wedding next fall! Hugs you guys! – Jenn

“It was within the first month of dating. We went to see Newsies the Musical that was doing a special engagement in the movie theater. There is a song in the second act called “Something to Believe In”. The first very line says “Til the moment I found you, I never knew what love was”. I looked over at him watching the movie and just knew in that instant that I loved him more than I could ever describe. It was very soon after that that I told my mom “I have a feeling I’m going to marry this one.” She said “I think so too.”” -Britney

“My favorite thing about my fiance is her passion. She enjoys Disney with passion, she does theater with passion, she works with passion, she plans parties with passion, she even does small things like listen to music with passion. Most importantly though, she loves with passion. Whether it’s her friends, family, or me, she loves with such an unbreakable passion that it is impossible to miss. This passion is what drove me towards her. Although it may cause some arguments between us (because I can be passionate myself at times) or even drive me a little nuts at times (oh the Jonas Brothers passion), I love the passion that drives her life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” – Zach

“We went to see one of her favorite shows at a dinner theater. During the dinner portion, we just kept looking at each other and smiling. I told her I needed to tell her something and she smiled like she knew it was coming. I nervously said it first and she immediately said it back. We both couldn’t stop grinning the rest of the night and it still has the same meaning every time we say it now.” – Zach

“One of the first times we really hung out together, we went to Culinary Dropout with a group of friends. I was going to pay and he saw that my wallet was kind of a mess. He pulled out a card I’d had in there for a while called the “Date Card,” which said “If you keep this card, I get a date! If you give it back, I get a kiss. If you throw it away, I get both! When do I collect?” He kept saying he was going to keep it, and I didn’t realize that was his way of flirting with me and asking me out. To this day, he still tells me I rejected him initially. We ended up going ring shopping together and found the perfect ring at the first place we went to. He bought the ring on the spot, but I told him he didn’t need to propose right after that. Only a month later, he said we were going to Culinary Dropout with some friends. When we got there, there were bunches of balloons sitting on a long table, where our friends who were all there that first night were sitting. I immediately started shaking as soon as I saw everything because I knew what was happening. He handed me “The Marriage Card” that he made that said “If you keep this, I get a wife! If you give it back, I get a vacation! If you throw it away, I get both!” I couldn’t believe how amazing and creative it was, taking something so special to both of us and making it even more a part of our story. The entire restaurant cheered and we got free drinks and our meal paid for. It was magical!” -Britney

” What makes our relationship works is that we became close friends before we started dating. When we first met, Britney was in another relationship which meant that neither one of us had the intention of dating. We were simply friends and that gave us the chance to really get to know each other and not have any walls up because we were not trying to make that overly good impression people try to do when they first start dating. There were never any secrets, hidden personalities, or fakeness. We just knew exactly who we were and when we finally got our chance, it was the real thing.” – Zach

“We had been friends for a few months, so our first kiss happened after our first date. I’d had bad first kisses before, so I was nervous for it to turn out badly and ruin everything. He tries to say he initiated it, but it was DEFINITELY me. We were sitting on the couch at my apartment having a glass of wine after dinner and bowling. We both said afterwards that there were fireworks for both of us during that kiss and we knew instantly that this was something special.” -Britney

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