The Sessions: LAUNCH!

September 27, 2020

It’s here its here! To see what I have been working on check out the video that explains my heart behind the launch of The Sessions!

Okay so I’ve been capturing weddings now for 10 years, and while I LOVE the wedding day, the truth is that its just the beginning. I created The Sessions as a way to document #whatcomes next in my clients lives because there is so much beauty and joy after the wedding day!  

I have always done family sessions in the fall, but the truth is that memories are happening all year long. Milestones and occasions worth celebrating, don’t just happen in October for a 45 minute timeslot. So I’m doing away with traditional session model and am going to be offering  monthly sessions all year round.  The Sessions are 15 minutes and at only a quarter of the price, the intent is that this will allow you to do more than one session every year! 

Maybe you adopted a baby in August, or want photos with the new family puppy while he’s still a puppy. Or maybe you just had an amazing year of growth in your marriage and you want to remember that sweet year together. Yes yes and yes! It could be that special 5th birthday with the dinosaur balloon and their favorite toy or your senior that just graduated high school, or maybe you are pregnant with your 1st, 2nd or 3rd baby and want that sweet round belly documented! Guys I could literally keep going because the possibilities are endless and The Sessions are meant to be customized to fit your family and the season you want celebrated.  

The sessions are all about capturing “what comes next” in life, because if there is anything I have learned over the last 10 years of being married, is that there is so much worth documenting after the wedding day and I a

There is no subscription, but there are limited sessions each month available. To sign up for notifications of date drops you can subscribe on our website. 


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